Watctower Records vol 3 CD compilation is out now, it includes our collab track with Epyx & Cyrez, What Lies Below. Get your copy here!

Here comes Tyranoid/Strongstream remix of Designer Drugs & Skitsnygg - Strange Misery. Complete with full quality download!

New track alert! It's a remake of a classic Type O Negative tune, My Girlfriend's Girlfriend.

Deimos Lab is released by legendary FINRG Recordings!

Deimos Lab Mix is out! Lots of unreleased material on this one, be sure not to miss it!

Previews of our upcoming Deimos Lab EP are finally online!

Some more gig dates. In other news, be prepared for previews of our upcoming Deimos Lab EP! Any day now...

Couple of new gig dates: May 17th @ UG in Oulu and June 7th @ Kosmos Festival, Ristiina.

We're playing live @ 12 Years of FINRG on Feb 21st in Helsinki!

Our newest track is a hard dancefloor stomper with skreeching electro lead bass, some techno zigizigipingpangpong and sweet and tender vocals by ANiMAL. The track was a submission to "Demons Roar" contest by Metalectro. Perfect for subwoofer tryouts, so check it out here!

Latest dj mix by Tyranoid is a bit more melodic and a fraction less dark than the previous ones. Still hard and definitely kicking! Get it here: Tyranoid - Star Spawn

We'll play a huge live set with Horzi on guitar and Yediah on electric drums @ FINRG & Futuristics: Friday the 13th in Tampere Sept 13th!

Thirteen Festival was cancelled which is sad. But we have some other big gigs almost ready to be announced so no worries! And here's a brand new track, freeform/hard trance with a twist of rave: Drifting Away.

This summer we'll play live at one of Finland's biggest electronic music events, Thirteen Festival!

Go and listen to a new freeform/hardtrance mix by Tyranoid - Hardform! Brand new tracks, unreleased material and old classics. Fast and hard as freeform was meant to be. 

Epyx & Cyrez - Game Over (Tyranoid & Strongstream remix) will be released on E&C's Two Against The Void CD on Feb 19th by Watchtower Records! Follow the link to hear a preview and preorder your copy.

Tyranoid's Elder Signs mix was mentioned as one of the top 3 freeform mixes of 2012 on TYFTH blog!

Our new website launched!

You can find the full Tracks Unleashed EP with download links in here!

October is the month of Shoktoberfest! Prepare for a new EP, "Tracks Unleashed" by Tyranoid/Strongstream. One track per day will be released on the FINRG Soundcloud page from the beginning of October. Some of the tracks are brand new, some have been available only on vinyl or via digital purchase. Tyranoid/Strongstream - Tracks Unleashed, seven days, seven tracks, Oct 1st to Oct 7th!

Gigs updated. Also a new Tyranoid DJ set, Darkform.

Next Wednesday: Tyranoid/Strongstream Special Guest @ Proteus presents Dark Side on Basso Radio! 22-24:00 Finnish time (8-10pm UK time). Basso Radio worldwide internet stream & FM radio in Finnish major cities (Helsinki 102,4 MHz, Tampere 103,9 MHz, Turku 101,9 MHz, Jyväskylä 99,7 MHz, Oulu 105,4 MHz)

Another dj mix by Tyranoid containing some unreleased T/S material: Tyranoid - Munted! 400 Likes Mix

Summer holidays are over and music production continues! Right now we're working on a remix project with an upcoming Epyx and Cyrez track. There are new gigs coming up also, check out the lineup in SÄDE TOUR 2012 - SÄDE & FINRG!

New dj mix by Tyranoid! Dark freeform and hard trance, check it here!

We've remixed a true classic, Wayner G's and Stewart Who's Twisted. Check out a preview in here!

For an insight of our glorious past, dig in to News Archive!


23.07.2016 @ Kosmos Festival 2016, Ristiina


01.01.2016 @ PAUKE: Jatkumo, Rovaniemi

11.07.2015 @ Kosmos Festival 2015, Ristiina

01.11.2014 @ FINRG x House of Hard Music, Turku

08.08.2014 @ Pond UG 2014, Oulu

01.08.2014 @ Mayhem: Panic Attack, Club Venue, Helsinki

12.07.2014 @ Helzinki Hardstyle Festival, Helsinki (Tyranoid DJ set with DJ Rx and Substanced)

05.07.2014 @ Sinistry, Electrowerkz, London, UK

07.06.2014 @ Kosmos Festival, Ristiina

17.05.2014 @ FuG UG #2 Energy Attack, Oulu

21.02.2014 @ 12 Years of FINRG (live set w/ Proteus and Epyx & Cyrez), Helsinki

02.11.2013 @ Hard-o-Ween, Vaasa

05.10.2013 @ House of Hard Music, Turku

13.09.2013 @ FINRG & Futuristics: Friday the 13th (live set with Horzi & Yediah), Tampere

13.07.2013 @ Anthema Open Air, Kotka (live set b2b Epyx & Cyrez)

05.01.2013 @ After Mayhem, Playground, Helsinki (Strongstream DJ/live set)

14.11.2012 @ Club Vatican, Helsinki (Strongstream DJ set)

10.11.2012 @ Hard Sounds 5 Years, Fortezza, Moscow (Tyranoid DJ/live set)

12.10.2012 @ Club Vatican, Helsinki (techno dj/live)

06.10.2012 @ MegaHardUgParty, UG, Helsinki (live set b2b Epyx & Cyrez)

15.09.2012 @ 4x4, UG, Helsinki (Tyranoid DJ set)

31.08.2012 @ @ Playground, Helsinki (Tyranoid DJ set)

18.08.2012 @ SÄDE TOUR 2012 - SÄDE & FINRG, Senssi, Lahti

10.08.2012 @ Futuristics & Summer Mashup, Club10, Tampere (Tyranoid DJ set)

01.06.2012 @ KOLINA-PRODUKTIO: Summer Starter, Laterna, Tampere

12.05.2012 @ HEAVEN vs HELL, Playground, Helsinki

08.04.2012 @ INNOWATION presents: Super Sunnuntai, Tivoli, Rovaniemi

06.04.2012 @ INNOWATION presents: We Live For The Weekends!, Tivoli, Rovaniemi

03.03.2012 @ 10 YEARS OF FINRG, Senssi, Lahti

15.10.2011 @ SÄDE - 13TH BIRTHDAY, Gloria, Helsinki

20.08.2011 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG

08.07.2011 @ Raveisland 2011, Kuusisaari, Oulu

12.03.2011 @ KOLINA-PRODUKTIO presents RujoNic 24th birthday bash, Laterna, Tampere

10.12.2010 @ Innowation presents: One Night In Rovaniemi

30.10.2010 @ Halloween 2010, Kuusisaari, Oulu

10.09.2010 @ Säde UG 3, Helsinki

06.08.2010 @ BErmuDA - The Third Touch, UG, Etelä-Savo

24.07.2010 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG

09.07.2010 @ Raveisland 2010, Kuusisaari, Oulu

13.05.2010 @ Electroday, Club Griboedov, St Petersburg, Russia

03.10.2009 @ HYTKY: KLONKS, Helsinki

22.08.2009 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG

04.07.2009 @ Konemetsä 2009, Marttila

27.06.2009 @ Fusion Drive presents: Final Fallout, Helsinki

25.04.2009 @ The Day X 2009, Oulu

05.12.2008 @ FINRG 512, Helsinki (Tyranoid in Hybridize collective)

01.11.2008 @ The Halloween, Oulu

09.08.2008 @ Lawatanssit, Virrat

02.08.2008 @ Assembly Rave, Helsinki

05.07.2008 @ Fallout 2, Helsinki

18.01.2008 @ Koneradio Birthday Massacre, Ylöjärvi

24.08.2007 @ Teisko UG 3, Tampere

03.08.2007 @ Säde, Gloria, Helsinki

25.07.2007 @ Fury 3rd Birthday Tour, Nightclub Diva, Lahti

30.06.2007 @ Fallout, Helsinki UG

28.10.2006 @ Private Halloween party, Jyväskylä

07.10.2006 @ Crossed, Szczecin, Poland

06.10.2006 @ Wagon, Wroclaw, Poland

18.08.2006 @ Teisko UG 2, Tampere

21.07.2006 @ The Barefoot Party 2006, Kajaani

26.08.2005 @ Teisko UG, Tampere

22.01.2005 @ Club Alternative, Helsinki